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Title Bauhaus and Experimental Photography
Artists Lux Feininger, Franco Grignani, Toni von Haken, Lucia Moholy, Man Ray, Alexander Rodchenko, Xanti Schawinsky, Eberhard Schrammen, Luigi Veronesi, Umbo
Exhibition April. 16 - June 4, 2005
Lux Feininger
Franco Grignani
Franco Grignani
Toni von Haken
Lucia Moholy
Man Ray
Alexander Rodchenko
Xanti Schawinsky
Xanti Schawinsky
Xanti Schawinsky
Xanti Schawinsky
Xanti Schawinsky
Xanti Schawinsky
Eberhard Schrammen
Luigi Veronesi


For the visual arts, particularly photography, the period between the Twenties and Forties was one of the most fertile in terms of revolution and invention.

It was a period that saw the foundation of Bauhaus in Germany and the birth of the Constructivist movement in the Soviet Union, while Dada and Surrealism came to prominence in France. A wave of creative ferment swept through Europe, one which was to provide an inheritance for future generations.

ArteF is proud to open the new premises with the launch exhibition "Bauhaus and Experimental Photography -From the Twenties to the Forties "an ideal visual narrative of the conceptual line followed by certain artists even though from differing backgrounds.

Exhibit includes the Bauhaus with the works by Lux Feininger, Lucia Moholy, Xanti Schawinsky, Umbo together with the extraordinary and unique images by Eberhard Schrammen and his wife Toni von Haken who invented the peculiar photographic technique they named Foto-Grafik.
Constructivism with Alexander Rodchenko.

The experimental researches by Franco Grignani, Man Ray, Xanti Schawinsky, including the works he realized in the United States, and Luigi Veronesi.
These artists represent the altogether European spirit of the vanguard.